327 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880

327 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880

(203) 227-3421

in Westport, CT

Our Amenities

Dental anxiety is a big concern for many people but it doesn’t have to be that way! At EDGW, we provide a relaxing environment that aides in relieving the anxiousness and “stress” typically associated with dental visits. We’ve selected these stellar amenities with you in mind. When you visit our office, sit back and relax with everything we have to offer, it’s all for you!

Our Amenities:

  • WiFi
  • Nespresso coffee Bar
  • Tea Bar
  • Beverage station
  • Massage Chairs
  • Reflexology stations
  • Warm Blankets
  • Comfort Menu
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Digital Music
  • Lip balm
  • Calming essential oil sprays
  • Noise-reducing ear plugs

We strive to provide you with all the comforts needed to relax and enjoy your time with us! Our amenities are top-notch and set us apart from the rest. Your comfort and care is important to us and we take it seriously. We have a extensive list of choices that will make your visit relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable unlike any place you have been.


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